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Trans-Sylvania Productions Race Team

TSP Race Team is a team of passionate racers supported by Trans-Sylvania Productions.  We welcome everyone from elite racers to the casual weekend rider.    


Our purpose is to bring passionate cyclists and runners together at TSP races along with traveling to other events.  Support one another however we can during training, at races and beyond.      


-Promote the Trans-Sylvania Productions brand while at the same time building the race and ride/run community in our area.

-Give back to the cycling and run communities in fundraising and helping at trail workdays.    

Trans-Sylvania Productions Cycling Elite Team

  • Will have a TBD cash amount to use on race registrations outside of TSP events

  • Will have a TBD credit amount for any TSP events

  • Will have race team kit(s) supplied by TSP

  • Will have a dedicated team tent area at our events 

  • Will have certain sponsorship products that are TBD

Trans-Sylvania Productions Cycling & Run Race Team

  • Will need to purchase at least one team kit at cost (Cycling = $139, Run is under $50)

  • Will have 15% discount at any of our TSP events 

  • Will have a 25% discount at any of our Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Races (MTB or Gravel Stage Races)

  • Will get TSP/TSE merchandise discounts (TBD based on merchandise) 

  • Will have a dedicated team tent area at our events

Team Members Requirements & Expectations

  • Race Team must purchase at least one team kit at cost (Cycling = $139, Run is under $50)

  • Wear the team kit at our events and other events you race in

  • Be active on social media to promote our brand and events

  • Volunteer at our events when possible (this can lead to more team perks from TSP)

  • Complete at least 5 hours of volunteer hours at trail workdays

  • When making a race podium, wear some kind of TSP merchandise

  • Be an active racer/rider

  • Just have fun

Present/Future Ideas For The Team As We Grow

  • Weekend trips/team camps

  • Race funds

To apply for our team, fill out the form below...

Deadline to apply is Monday, February 7, 2022, 9:00 AM
Choose the event(s) you race in:
I am a cyclist and interested in the....
Would you be interested in purchasing a long sleeve jersey ($55)?
Would you be interested in purchasing a windvest ($49)?

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon!

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