august 1, 2020





Uwharrie Forest Gravel Grinder (UFGG) is held in Uwharrie National Forest at the Badin Lake Recreation Area just outside of Troy, North Carolina.

2020 will mark UFGG's 3rd year.  With the unique "Jeep Climb" in the middle part of the loop, this isn't your usual gravel race.  Can you climb the entire way, or will it be hike a bike?

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Course Information

See below.

Race Location

Badin Lake Rec. Area - King's Mountain Point

Uwharrie National Forest

Click HERE for directions



-Click the registration box above to go to the registration page.

-$10 Late Fee will be applied after 11:59 PM, Sunday, July 26, 2020.

-Online registration CLOSES at 11:59 PM, Thursday, July 30, 2020.

-Must register by 11:59 PM, Sunday, July 19, 2020 to guarantee an event t-shirt.

Race Day Registration

-Race day registration will be the same price from the $10 increase 7/31/2020.

-Event shirt WILL NOT be offered with race day registration.



25-mile Race x1Lap

50-mile race x2laps

75-mile race x3laps

100-mile race x4laps



25-Mile Race

  • Open Men

  • Men 45+

  • Open women

 cost - $50

50-Mile Race

  • Open Men

  • Men 40-49

  • Men 50+

  • Clydesdale

  • Open women

  • women 45+

 cost $75

75-Mile Race

  • Open Men

  • Open women

 Cost - $85

100-Mile Race

  • Open Men

  • Open women

 Cost - $100




  6:30 AM

  7:30 AM

  7:45 AM

  8:00 AM

  8:02 AM

  8:04 AM

  9:42 AM 

11:00 AM

11:00 AM

  1:00 PM

  2:40 PM

  5:00 PM


-- Registration opens

-- Registration closes

-- Pre race meeting at start

-- 75 & 100-MILE RACE START



-- First 25-mile finisher expected

-- Post race meal starts

-- First 50-mile finisher expected

-- First 75-mile finisher expected

-- First 100-mile finisher expected

-- Cutoff to start last lap

-- Podiums ASAP after top 3 finish in    each category





Included With Registration


what you get with registration

  • One well marked course

  • event t-shirt

  • post race meal

  • permit to ride on ohv trail

  • fully stocked aid station

  • and one epic day with friends

2020 Design

2018 Racer Survey Results

To further improve your racing experience, we sent out a survey with a few questions about the 2018 race.  We wanted to share some of these results with you.  A few of these questions could help you with future races.  

Question 1: When would you like to see UFGG scheduled in 2019?

Answers: Spring (March-May) - 16 (47.06%)

                 Fall (September-November) - 12 (35.29%)

                 In June again - 6 (17.65%)

Question 2: When you race UFGG again, which bike would you choose now that you know the course?

Answers: Mountain Bike - 18 (52.94%)

                 Gravel/Cross Bike - 16 (47.05%)

Question 3: When would you like the start time for a race in January-May or September-December?

Answers: 8:00 AM - 18 (52.94%)

                 9:00 AM - 15 (44.12%)

                 10:00 AM - 1 (2.94%)

Question 4: When would you like the start time for a race in June-August?

Answers: 7:00 AM - 18 (52.94%)

                 8:00 AM - 13 (38.24%)

                 9:00 AM - 3 (8.82%)


Question 5: Open suggestions/comments for future races?

Suggestion: If possible convert course to a downloadable file for GPS cyclometers.

Our response: We are working on adding GPS links on our website.


Suggestion: Multiple suggestions for a second water station.

Our response: We feel that an aid station every 25 miles is normally ok.  But having the jeep climb on this route makes for more water use.  Next year we're going to add a second water station at the top of the climb.

Suggestion: Posting a video of the race course would be helpful for the folks that haven’t done the race before and don’t have a chance to pre-ride the course ahead of time. This will assist people in their Bike selection as well as the length of the race they should enter.

Our response:  We totally agree with this suggestion.  We're working on adding videos for all of our race routes to their page on our website.


Suggestion: Aid station at top of the big climb. Having only one was sub par even with a shorter loop. Also, if there is a way to have less out-‘ continuous loop would be ideal if possible.

Our response: We'd love to take out those out and backs, but not sure it's possible to do that and still keep our distance for each series.  If we would take out the out and backs, it would create more times on the jeep climb.   

Comment: Cant think of anything. Great time.

Our response: Thank you, very glad to hear that!



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