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2022 Volunteers


We can not do this race without volunteers like you.  We know your time is valuable and we want to show our thanks.  See below for what you can receive for your volunteer time.

  • Race credit towards a future TSP event for yourself or a friend/family member*

  • Post event meal.

  • Race SWAG (normally a shirt for our events).


*Race credit can be for yourself or passed onto a friend or family member.  To qualify for this, you must work your entire shift agreed upon.  2022 volunteer hours credit goes towards a 2022 or 2023 event only unless otherwise agreed upon.

Fill In The Form Below To Volunteer
Choose which race(s) you'd like to volunteer at.....
Choose which position(s) you would like to volunteer at.....

We will do our best to get you into a position of your choice, but we cannot always guarantee this.

Thanks for volunteering; We will be in touch soon!

Explanation of Volunteer Positions

-Course Marking (Usually starts 2-3 days before event): Marking courses will consist of either driving in a vehicle or riding/hiking on trails.  Courses will be marked with a combination of arrows stapled to a wooden stake/trees and plastic a-frames.

-Start/Finish Setup (Usually the day before the race):  This is setting up barricades, hanging banners, putting up tents, etc.

-Parking (Morning of race): This position will help direct participants to a parking spot to maximize our parking area.  We are usually limited for spots or in open fields where there are no parking markings like a parking lot.

-Pre Rider/Runner/Driver:  This position will either drive a route, run or bike on a trail to make sure markings have not been messed with since the course was marked.  If they have been, you would correct the marking.  This position normally starts on the course a couple hours for race start to stay ahead of the participants.


-Registration (Morning of race): Register participants and hand out race swag.

-Aid Station: Help participants at an aid station by filling up water and handing out food.

-Timing Assistant: Help the timer at the start/finish.  This person would help with things like writing down numbers as a backup, checking racers numbers as they finish for verification, etc.


-Course Marshal: This position will be posted around the course at road crossings to help direct racers.​

-Course Sweeper: Sweepers would drive/run/bike behind the last racers and pull all course markings as you come across them.


-Post Race Meal: This position would help pass out our post race meal to participants as they finish.

-MISC: You don't really care where you help, you just want to help.  This position would fill in spots for volunteers that would not show up.  You could also bea round the start/finish for when things pop up that need done.

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